KeyBoye Music is original music made by KeyBoye. Find it here or on YouTube - FaceBook and SoundCloud. There are more than 50 songs. Check it out.
KeyBoye makes music and load it up to YouTube... KeyBoye play mostly piano and a little bass and some drums and then sing and do some lyrics too. KeyBoye have played piano the most of his life. Music is today a big part of KeyBoye/My life.. Listen to the tracks ... the Videos ... and you are welcome to give some respons at my feedback-page here. I do also play in bands with some good musicians.
I'm living in Copenhagen - Denmark - and working as a musicteacher at Gladsaxe Musikskole - Music Collage in Gladsaxe in CPH. It's a great place to work and they got many really good students and some of them are playing in some of our very good bands ... I do love playing and making reggaemusic... 💛❤️💚 Peace and love to everyboby